When you are stuck in your recovery

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Maybe we  can "unstuck" you  

LINDA: I recovered this far by thinking "outside the box" which I describe in my book, my website and in my TEDx talk


Why do we care? 

Linda experienced the results of severe stroke. Arjan has helped hundreds of stroke and complicated concussion cases to recover.

Because of this Linda know how important it is to have a PLAN for recovery. If you share what happened in the form above, what you have done, where you are right now and where you want to go. We will set you up for a free online Zoom call and give you advice on how to make the next step in your recovery. 


























Who are we?



  • 30 years of clinical experience
  • Personal experience how stroke and concussion impacts daily life
  • Helped hundreds of stroke and  complicated concussion cases to recover
  • Using the latest scientific insights and tools
  • Arjan is a chiropractor and functional neurologist.


  • Linda was 43 when a severe stroke hit her in 2016.
  • At that time she was an online entrepreneur and mother of three.
  • Linda is a problem solver pure sang and decided after her stroke to put her innovative and analytic strength to good use by coming up with better solutions for fellow stroke survivors.
  • She has published the book Stroke Rebel, to show what is possible when thinking out of the box. Doctors told her she would never walk or talk again, she proved them wrong.













Why do I have to fill in a form?

We need the information on the form for Arjan and Linda to make an initial recovery plan for you. We will have a free zoom call with you, to give you some tips that can inspire you to "unstuck" yourself in your recovery.






























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